(1825 - 1919)
Meteorólogo. Precursor en Cuba de las investigaciones en ese campo, dedicó gran parte de su actividad científica a la Zoología, la Geografía y la Etnología. Como geógrafo elaboró en 1848 un Atlas con 28 mapas litografiados para las escuelas primarias que fue el primero de su tipo impreso en Cuba
Natural and Exact Sciences
2002 | Similarity in the auditory system of nocturnal lepidoptera and terrestrial vertebrates
Main executives entity: University of Havana (UH)
Main author: Francisco Coro Antich.

One of the tools of Compared Animal Physiology is the study of biological objects with structures less complex than vertebrates'. The tympanic organ of many lepidopteran-noctuoideos species only has two auditory receiving cells that differ in their sensibility to acoustic stimuli.

In this work, there are described for the first time similarities in the auditory system of these insects and terrestrial vertebrates. The ear, when experiences simultaneous acoustic stimulation in each taxonomical group, shows distortion products of otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) which indicates mechanical properties of non-lineality; the growth function of DPOAE in these insects has two components, like in vertebrates; the effect of temperature on mechanoexcitable and electroexcitable cell membranes of respective ears is similar; and there are 10 different types of temporary patterns of answer in these lepidoptera's thoracic auditory neurons that have also been described in auditory neurons of birds and mammals.

These results have given rise to 10 scientific articles in international specialized magazines, as well as many work's quotations in internationally prestigious magazines; the defense of a doctorate in Biological Sciences and the presentation of 10 works in international and national scientific events.