(1943 - 2004)
Doctora en Medicina y Ciencias Veterinarias, por sus resultados investigativos de relevancia recibió numerosos reconocimientos y condecoraciones. En el momento de su deceso se desempeñaba como Ministra de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2002 | Raman and hyper - Raman dispersion in systems of quantic points
Other entities: Max Plank, Institute Germany (2), Universidad of Ohio, EEUU (3), Instituto de Cibernética, Matemática y Física (ICIMAF) (4), Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (5)
Main author: Eduardo Ariel Menéndez Proupin, del (1).

It is presented a group of works of theoretical profile, in which it was made an important contribution to espectroscopic theory Raman of semiconductor quantum points. These systems show quantification of electronic and vibratory states whose characteristics depend on the size and shape, which obey a statistical distribution of real samples.

There were registered mecano-quantum calculations of electronic and vibrational energy spectra and of the effective Raman and hyper-Raman sections. These works allowed establishing Raman spectroscopy of quantum points as a useful technique to determine the dispersion law of optic phonons of massive semiconductors, with application to CdSe material; and predictions of the systems' properties that were not experimentally carried out yet.

The results have been published in arbitrated physics magazines of international circulation and high impact; as well as in presentations of conferences and international seminars; and they were used for doctorate and master's degree theses, and an ongoing doctorate thesis. It has deserved two prizes of the University of Havana (UH).