(1912 - 1980)
Doctora en Derecho Civil. Periodista destacada, literata y poetisa de intensa vida política, profesora notable. Fue Directora del Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2002 | Electronic and crystalline structure of molecular materials based on transition metals and cyano igands
Main author: Edilso Reguera, del (1).

The molecular materials are acquiring a growing importance in the most modern technologies; in the first place, because it is possible to design functional properties with relative flexibility, to combine physical properties that are not usually given at the same time in a given material, to assemble different molecular blocks to form functional nano-structures, etc. Among these materials, the most outstanding for their importance to research are the resulting materials of a structure from the three-dimensional assembling of transition metals through cyano ligands.

These results refer to the studies of electronic and crystalline structure of the molecular materials mentioned, which have allowed obtaining 38 scientific articles, most of them in specialized international prestigious magazines; obtaining an invention patent in 1994, from the Cuban office of industrial property, for the application of these materials in environmental catalysis (ozone decomposition); a doctorate thesis, three master's degree theses and a diploma work.