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Biomedical Sciences
2002 | Vax-TyVi: Cuban vaccine of Vi polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi.
Main executives entity: "Carlos J. Finlay" Institute
Main author: Luis A. Riverón Martínez y Daniel Cardoso.

This result stands out for its impact in the national program of immunizations from the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) . In fact, this project emerged to the request of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) , because the vaccine of cells inactivated by heat and phenol that was being used since 1983, was highly reactogenic and had little epidemic impact. This vaccine had been substituted by a Vi polysaccharide vaccine, molecularly defined and competitive with its analogous in the international market.

This product received in June from 2002, the inscription certificate in the medication sanitary registration granted by the Center for National Control of the Quality of Medicines (CECMED) . So far, 900 000 vaccine doses have been produced and used in the National Immunization Program.

The development process of this product led to an important innovative activity:

  • 1. It was defined a means of cultivation in sieves and fermentors that increases the Vi polysaccharide production levels,
  • 2. It was modified the cold phenol method for the polysaccharide purification, which allowed a higher performance.
  • 3. There were developed high- pressure liquid chromatography methods and spectrometry methods by nuclear magnetic resonance for the polysaccharide analitic characterization,
  • 4. It was designed and assessed a Vi polysaccharide quantification method from an ELISA inhibition system,
  • 5. It was selected the animal method most senslble to Salmonella Thypi. In the development and reproduction stages, the process was scaled until fermentations of 500 Lts, and the product showed effectiveness in the clinical comparative trial with Pasteur-Merieux similar product .

The quality of the product is endorsed by the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, from the United Kingdom. Besides this result, there were provided experimental data to sustain, in the first place, the development of a vaccine combined with diphtheric and tetanic toxoids; and in the second place, a conjugated vaccine that could induce protection in children under 5 years old. In short, the proposed result provides a new vaccine to the National Health System, and it is outstanding for its social impact. From the scientific point of view, the result is endorsed by 6 specialized international publications.