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Biomedical Sciences
2002 | A new approach on the study of the defense mechanisms against tuberculosis. Role of the specific antibodies.
Main executives entity: "Carlos J. Finlay" Institute
Main author: Armando Acosta Domínguez y Gustavo Falero Díaz.

These are novel results at an internationally relevant level for the development of new vaccines and therapeutic methods for infections with mycobacteria.

This work’s scientific impact is summarized as follows :< /p>

  • 1. It was carried out the first international report of specific humoral immune response subsequent to mice immunization with BCG thorugh different ways,
  • 2. For the first time, it was carried out at international level the immunization with an M.tb expression library, and it was demonstrated the induction of a wide response from specific Ab against M.tb and BCG,
  • 3. It was reported for the first time, at international level, the attainment of Mab class polymeric IgA against GA M.tb.
  • 4. It was reported Mab for the first time at international level, using cells attained from salivary glands,
  • 5. It was reported for the first time, at international level, the study of Mab biodistribution class Iga against GA of M.tb and a preparation of human Gamma globulins in different corporal liquids from mice, to which it was administered through different ways,
  • 6. There were established novel biomodels for the assesssment of the secretory immunity against M.tb,
  • 7. There were established the intranasal infection models in mice for M.tb and BCG, with advantages over the methods using aerosols,
  • 8. It was demonstrated the protective role of specific Mab class IgA of 16 KDa, facing the challenges with intranasal BCG.
  • 9. The administration of intranasal and intraperitoneal gamma globulin and the incubation previous to intranasal BCG inoculation demonstrated the challenge’s protective role. This result creates perspectives for experimental studies to asess its use in Tb treatment,
  • 10. It was reported for the first time that intranasal BCG immunization in mice, had a higher protective effect facing the challenge with M.tb than the subcutaneous BCG administration, shedding a new light on the protective role of mucosal immunity and providing new perspectives to BCG vaccination using alternative ways,
  • 11. It was demonstrated in the experiment that the administration through mucosal way of GA of M.tb induces protection related to the production of specific seric Ab of M.tb and in the bronchial washing.

These results are the first immunization report through intranasal way of Ags of M.tb. There are presented 5 publications on this subject, 4 of them in very prestigious magazines, as well as 8 presentations in important international events; two doctorate thesis, two works of the residence termination in immunology and three diplomas. It has received a prize in Forum of National Science and Technique. /p>