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Abogado y profesor. Notable escritor sobre temas de Jurisprudencia, Literatura y Filosofía. Publicó importantes artículos sobre Derecho, Literatura y Filosofía a partir de 1850 en las más importantes publicaciones periódicas de la época.
Biomedical Sciences
2002 | Synthetic peptides for the immunodiagnosis of human retrovirus.
Main executives entity: Center for Immunoassay
Main author: Milenen Hernández Marín.

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and the Human T cells lymphographic virus (HTLV) are human retroviruses. The antigenic proteins, obtained by the recombinant DNA technology and by chemical synthesis, are very useful in the diagnosis of HIV and HTLV. In this sense, the synthetic peptides are applied in these tests for the high sensibility and specificity that they provide.

In this work, there were obtained, through chemical synthesis in solid phase, monomeric peptides from the regions of the nucleus, the transmembrane, and the membrane of HIV-1 and 2 and the HTLV-I and II and new chimerical peptides that combine the most antigenic sequence of different regions of the virus, separated by two lysines as spacer arm. The HIV peptides antigenicity was evaluated facing positive samples from seroconversion panels of low titer and mixed (Biomedical Boston Inc.) and a Cuban HIV-1 seropositive sample; and the HIV peptides antigenicity facing the PRP-205 panel (Biomedical Boston Inc) and a Cuban HTLV-1 seropositive sample. The specificity of all the peptides was 100%. It was demonstrated that chimerical peptides can be used as antigens to detect antibodies against more than one protein simultaneously and that the efficiency of the detention depends on the peptide sequence order.

The obtained results demonstrated the antigenicity of synthesized peptides, being higher in chimerical peptides, and their use as antigens in the trial diagnosis development for detecting antibodies to HTLV - I and II, and to HIV-1 and 2. These results appear in 5 articles published in prestigious international magazines and a national publication, two patent applications, a certificate of invention author, the national and international registration of two diagnosis products and the registration of diagnosticians from the Center for National Control of the Quality of Medicines (CECMED) . The use of diagnosis systems using these peptides was subjected to external assessments in the central laboratory of public health of Brazil and the foundation Oswaldo Cruz. All the reports were satisfactory. These Kits are introduced in Cuba in the blood certification and derivatives and in HIV and HTLV epidemiologic surveillance.