(1829 - 1888)
Químico fisiólogo, agrónomo y tecnólogo industrial. Se le considera Padre de la Agricultura Científica Cubana. Su obra cumbre, Ensayo sobre el cultivo de la caña de azúcar, se tradujo a varios idiomas y es considerada la principal obra escrita sobre esta gramínea.
Social Sciences and Humanities
2003 | Characterization of musical instruments of Abakuá societies
Main executives entity: Higher Institute of Arts(ISA)
Main author: Lino Arturo Neira Betancourt.

It is an important and novel musicological study based on this problem: which are the elements that nowadays characterize the music and the instruments of Biankomeko Abakuá musical group? Its main objective was: to characterize in an integral and organic way Biankomeko Abakuá musical group, its musical instruments and the music that they play in their ritual-festive events.

The results, obtained during more than a decade of musicological researches, denote a high technical scientific level in the study of these musical instruments in consequence with the most advanced methodologies of contemporary technology at world level and in accordance with the level reached by this discipline in Cuba and its wide international recognition.

In this sense, together with the doctoral thesis that obtained the maximum qualification, there have been produced digitalized films, introduction of calculation techniques in abakuá percussion teaching as a part of Cuban traditional popular music, recordings of high patrimonial value, digitalization of a sound bank, spectral study of sounds for their analysis and transcription, creation of a transcription code for music using non European instruments with educational ends for general and higher teaching, new knowledge contributions to the history of Cuban music and its potential comparability with other contexts of the Caribbean and Latin America.

The results have many introductory aspects: to manufacture musical instruments with higher quality indexes, in music teaching (history, percussion, transcription), and in the preservation of sonorous patrimony.