(1833 - 1889)
Médico y pedagogo. Miembro fundador de la Real Academia de Ciencias Médicas, Físicas y Naturales de la Habana, en 1861. Además fue miembro corresponsal de la Sociedad de Medicina Legal de Nueva York, Estados Unidos.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2003 | “Study and characterization of layers of nanostructured titanium dioxide“.
Main author: Elena Vigil, Inti Zumeta y José Antonio Ayllón.
Coauthors: Francisco Fernández, Edwin Pedrero, Rodolfo Espinosa, Bernardo González and Xavier Domenech.

The authors present the results obtained from the characterization of titanium dioxide layers, from colloidal suspensions of nanometric powders and for chemical bath activated by microwaves, both methods are original and developed by the authors, which show evident advantages regarding other conventional methods to obtain materials in thin layers.

It is developed the development of methods, as well as the different studies and characterizations carried out to endorse them. It is outstanding the wide study carried out on the mechanisms that take place in those using nucleation activation by microwaves, and to explain the behavior of the material studied in its nanostructural phase .

The originality of this result is evident and it is endorsed by 11 publications (7 of them appear in prestigious international magazines in the subject of Solid State and New Materials), and by the presentation of reports in important international scientific events in the subjects mentioned.

The results presented are very important, given the impact that thin layer materials have in current subjects such as: the development of sensitized solar cells, the generation of hydrogen by photoelectrolysis, the development of photoelectronic devices, among others. The research carried out is in one of the projects of the National Program of Sustainable Energy Development.