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Natural and Exact Sciences
2003 | “New Models of Schottky barrier in non ideal metal-semiconductor contacts: applications in the determination of the barrier's height".
Main author: Mayra P. Hernández Sánchez
Coauthors: Carlos Félix Alonso Villasuso.

These results are a knowledge contribution to the scientific impact in the area of Physics of State Solid. There are presented, in particular, contributions to Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, in this case to metal-semiconductor interface.

It is extremely important to know the physical phenomena that take place in metal-semiconductor Schottky contacts, for the design and production of most of electronic and opt-electronic devices, where understanding the electric properties in the contact area is still a significant problem.

The authors have obtained the following 3 important results in this leading-edge subject:

1-Obtaining a Model and a Method to determine the barrier's height in non-ideal homogeneous Schottky contacts. This result has direct repercussion in the control of technological processes in the industry of electronic components, although basically, it constitutes a new contribution in the study of metal-semiconductor interfaces' properties. The determination Method is based on numeric simulations of different mechanisms of current transport through the interface.

2-Obtaining a Model and a Method to determine the barrier's height distribution in Schottky heterogeneous contacts. In this case, the authors proposed a novel and original method based on considering the goal-semiconductor contact as a system of multiple in parallel non-interactant and non-ideal diodes, which results in an integral Fredholm equation, which has an unknown value equivalent to the function barrier’s height distribution that requires a specific solution method. This is one of those problems which have been wrongly exposed in numeric Analysis, and which requires very sensitive and refined techniques for its correct solution.

3- The physical-chemical characterization of the semiconductor surface according to the variation of the barrier's height. Here, the authors study the chemical composition of a compound semiconductor surface, obtaining a simple method, with practical character to obtain and treat semiconductor surfaces.

This work is the continuation of the doctorate thesis of Dr. Mayra Hernández, who obtained this degree in 2003, and which she continued very actively with magnificent results that are reflected in 4 publications in prestigious magazines, such as: Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, and Physics Satus Solidi B, (it has two articles published in the last one).