(1923 - 1998)
Geógrafo, espeleólogo y arqueólogo. Primer Presidente de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba, Presidente fundador de la Federación Espeleológica de América Latina y el Caribe y de diversas sociedades científicas nacionales e internacionales.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2003 | “Synthesis, structural study and reactivity of Polydentate Systems of acyil-thioureas and acyl-thiocarbamates type ".
Main executives entity: University of Havana (UH) (1)
Other entities: Center for Technical Development of MININT.(2)
Main author: Ana María Plutín Stevens.
Coauthors: From (1) M. Suarez, E. Ochoa, M. Morales, L. Morá, R. Mocelo; from (2) T. Machado.

It is well-known that acyl-thioureas and acylthiocarbamatehe belongions have bioactive properties; in addition, the presence of several functional groups in these compounds' molecules allows them to behave as polidentate systems giving rise to interesting chemical and chemical-physical properties.

The scientific importance of this work lies in having synthesized and characterized three series of polidentate compounds that include 15 acyl-thioureas, 29 acylthiocarbamates, 13 of which are new, and 8 new methylimidothiocarbamates.

It was used in the synthesis the radiation technique with microwaves, and there were carried out theoretical studies using semi-empirical calculations on the reactivity of the polidentate systems approached.

12 articles have been published, 8 of them in internationally prestigious magazines.

The results have been presented in 35 congresses, 6 of them abroad.

7 master's degree theses and 9 dissertations have been defended.