(1916 - 1978)
Médico cirujano. Contribuyó al desarrollo de la cirugía experimental y del trasplante de órganos en Cuba. Se dedicó también a los estudios de Cibernética aplicada a la Medicina y gran parte de su esfuerzo lo consagró a la urgente tarea de reformar los hospitales universitarios y al propio Plan de estudios de la Facultad de Medicina.
Technical Sciences
2003 | "Recommendations for the design of flexible pavements".
Other entities: National Center of Viality MITRANS (2)
Main author: Eduardo Tejeda Piusseaut, del (1).
Coauthors: From (2) Luis Emilio Serrano and Alexis Ruiz Fernández.

Flexible pavements built with the use of asphaltic mixtures in communication, urban and rural nets, is a worldwide extended practice. In these pavements, the studies and researches on the influences of climate, as well as the characteristics and intensity of automotive traffic have an extraordinary influence on the economy and conservation of these pavements.

The Recommendations presented by the Authors on the application of design methods for flexible pavements, corresponding to the particularities of tropical climate, of the intensity of automotive traffic predominant in our country, as well as its inclusion in the Cuban norm approved in 2003. Highways, Flexible Pavements. Calculation Methods are the most remarkable impacts reached with this result.

Based on studies and field investigations, carried out systematically in the 80s, and validating original and adjusted equations, in order to approach them to the real behavior of our climate and the benefits of traffic's benefits, the proposed recommendations modify the previous design procedures with which excessive or insufficient thickness were obtained with the irrational expense of non-renewable resources and energy carriers in the construction of our highways. The application of these new design concepts has allowed saving more than 300.0 MUSD in its most recent road applications.

It was endorsed by the recognition of the outstanding prize in the XIV Forum of Science and Technique in 2003, and their results were disclosed in National Scientific Events and Latin American Congresses. The Authors have achieved a remarkable contribution to the scientific-technical development of road engineering in Cuba, when these Recommendations on the Design of Flexible Pavements were introduced.