(1877 - 1971)
Botánico. Destacado científico que dedicó su vida a estudiar e interpretar la naturaleza cubana y a buscar nuevas fuentes de riquezas naturales; su mayor aporte a la ciencia lo constituyen sus estudios acerca de las plantas medicinales.
Technical Sciences
2003 | “New action mechanism of supported aqueous phase catalysis (SAPC): kinetics, engineering parameters and physicochemical properties ".
Other entities: INP of Toulouse, France (2)
Main author: Ulises J. Jáuregui Haza.
Coauthors: From (1) Eladio J. Pardillo Fontdevila, from (2) Phillipe Kalk, Anne Marie Wilhelm and Henri Delmás.

The presented work bases the contributions carried out in the interpretation and escalation of supported aqueous phase catalysis, solving cognitive problems and others of practical application that represent a substantial advance for the application of these processes. These scientific-technological contributions are new and remarkable since they have demonstrated that there is a critical size of pores and of thickness of the water layer that conditions SAPC efficiency, and it is also reported a new kinetic semiempirical model that considers each support particle as a microreactor, and that the reaction takes place in the aqueous - organic interface and in the aqueous phase, which allows a more complete interpretation of the phenomenological aspects, and as a consequence, higher efficiency possibilities in the conduction of the process. This work includes the first report of adsorption isotherms of TPPTS and two rhodium complexes in several silicas, as well as the feasibility of the use of an apathetic synthetic phosphate as support.

The results of this work are to be applied in the processes of fine chemistry and pharmacy through the introduction of supported aqueous phase catalysis.

These results have been presented in 6 presentations in Scientific Events, 4 of them in Cuba and two abroad, the last ones are very important in the subject of catalysts.

This result reports 11 publications in prestigious national and international magazines.

This work is based on a doctorate thesis.