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Abogado y profesor. Notable escritor sobre temas de Jurisprudencia, Literatura y Filosofía. Publicó importantes artículos sobre Derecho, Literatura y Filosofía a partir de 1850 en las más importantes publicaciones periódicas de la época.
Technical Sciences
2003 | "Contributions to the design of Temperature Sensors, to Bipolar "BANDGAP" voltage references and to the Modelling of Bipolar Transistor ".
Main author: Ricardo Amador Pérez.
Coauthors: Alicia Polanco Risquet, Agnes Nagy, Estrella González Rodríguez and Manuel Álvarez Blanco.

This proposal summarizes 15 years of work in the subject of the electric properties of the P-N semiconductor union applied, among others, to the development of an integrated temperature sensor without internal resistive adjustment. This subject is very important nowadays, since the P-N semiconductor union is part of an enormous quantity of current semiconductor devices.

This work presents a group of research results that consist on methods and original procedures applied to the design of a temperature sensor and other semiconductor devices that gave rise to new knowledge contributions in the branch of Microelectronics, gathered in:

  • Method internationally reported for the first time, to improve the accuracy of temperature sensors. Its application allowed obtaining an integrated temperature sensor without resistive adjustment that has better linearity, accuracy and thermal and time stability than its commercial homologous. It was applied in temperature control systems in CENPALAB and in a plant of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Method to improve the stability and accuracy of the tension of bipolar reference diodes of bandgap type.
  • Determination of the physical mechanisms that influence on some parameters that intervene in the modelling of the behavior with the temperature of the base-emitter tension of a bipolar transistor, not previously reported in international literature and that allow providing complementary explanation to phenomena such as the effect of the impurities' concentration in the base of the bipolar transistors and the emission effects in the emitter of these transistors. The mechanisms proposed in the work, when being included in a model, can improve the modelling of the base-emitter tension.
  • Development of a new model of the emitter's capacity with the emitter-base union in direct polarization that describes, for the first time, its experimental behavior; that is why it represents an improvement regarding the precedent models reported in literature and used nowadays.

It has two patents granted in Cuba. The results have been totally or partially presented in 14 publications, 6 in prestigious international magazines. The work also originated three defended doctoral theses.