(1907 - 1982)
Escritor y político. Historia de las doctrinas sociales constituye su aporte historiográfico más importante. Fue nombrado Embajador de Cuba ante la OEA, con posterioridad Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores. Se le conoce como El Canciller de la Dignidad.
Technical Sciences
2003 | "Algorithm and programs for the digital processing of signals".
Main author: Juan Valentín Lorenzo Ginori.
Coauthors: María E. Hernández-Díaz Huici, Julián L. Cárdenas Barrera, Rubén Orozco Morales, Alberto Taboada Crispí, Carlos A. Ferrer Riesgo.

This work is formed by a scientific work of more than 15 years in the field of Digital Processing of Signals, with original results, contributions to the theoretical - practical knowledge and economic impact.

These results embrace new algorithms and calculation programs, designed to solve problems of: filtrate and detection of signals in noisy environments; classification in waveforms; applications of time-frequency spectral analysis; detection of modulation signals in punctual processes and their spectral analysis; coding of signals in real time using lineal prediction and signal compression using transformed wavelet and wavelet packets. These results have a general character and they are applied in diverse fields.

Its scientific novelty is endorsed by: 18 articles published in magazines (7 prestigious international magazines registered in the SCI); 49 works presented in scientific congresses (28 international); 4 granted patents and two software registrations; 3 conferences imparted in international prestigious institutions, 4 doctoral theses, 11 master's degree theses and 21 diploma works.

Their practical value is endorsed by: an Outstanding Prize in the VIII Forum of Science and Technique of the Ministry of the Interior, Special Mention in the XIV National Forum of Science and Technique, two national annual prizes of health, 6 certifications of application in the Defense, 6 in Higher Education (undergraduate and graduate courses), 4 in institutions linked to health researches, two international projects with financing of 560 000.00 USD and 384 000.00 euros, and many national projects.