(1903 - 1964)
Físico y químico francés, gran amigo de Cuba. Su aporte principal a la ciencia estuvo relacionado con la agricultura y la ganadería, fue mundialmente conocido por su tesis sobre el pastoreo intensivo.
Biomedical Sciences
2003 | Cancer therapeutic vaccines boosting through immunosupression
Main executives entity: Center for Molecular Immunology
Main author: José Enrique Montero Casimiro.
Coauthors: Agustín Lage Dávila, Rolando Pérez Rodríguez y Kalet León

It is about a work framed in an internationally current scientific issue.It addresses a topic of scientific novelty, as the case of Recesive Immuno Tolerance paradigm replacement by Dominant Tolerance, which is nowadays considered one of the possible causes of the poor result in cancer active immunotherapy and some other deseases. The theoretical, conceptual and experimental combination applied in this work allows the authors making cintributions to the current comprehension of mechanisms mediating immunotolerance phenomenon and its subsequent application in medical.

In this work the authors:

  • It proves the modulating effect of the regulating T cells with CD4 +  CD25 + y CD8+ phenotypes both in inducing and effecting phase of the immune response.
  • Demuestran la relevancia de las células T reguladoras en la transición de la autoinmunidad benigna a la inflamación inmune patogénica.
  • Obtienen evidencias a favor de la intervención de los mecanismos de regulación inmune periférica en la respuesta contra antígenos de membrana y solubles.

Theoretical postulates and concrete results included in this work have been broadly diseminated in scientific comunity thrpugh publications in high impact journals ( 4 publications and 2 international scientific reports; plus a publication and 6 national reports) they have been also subjected to intelectual property register and national and international acknowledgment.

Refference work constitutes an important scientific and social to the nation health system contribution. It also contains a trascendent theoretical contribution with a repercussion of general interest as well as to the development of scientific thought in this field.