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Biomedical Sciences
2003 | 14F7: A new AcM against specific tumor antigen of breast tumors, with potentials for this desease therapy
Main executives entity: Center for Molecular Immunology
Main author: Adriana Carr Pérez.
Coauthors: Luis Enrique Fernández Molina, Ángel Casacó Parada, Ernesto Moreno Frías, Juan Perfecto Oliva y Zolidina Valdés

The scientific novelty of the present work lays in the obtention, for the first time in the world, of a murine AcM of IgG class, highly specific against NGcGM3 (an antigenic target specific tumor in breasts tumors) and not to other N-glycosidedy or N-acetylated , nor to sulphated. There was not recognition of the different normal tissues samples.

Cell death was obtained in positive antigen cells ,caused by AcM with no mediation of the complement. In vivio antitumor effect manifested in its capability of inhibiting tumor growth and extending mice survival suffering from myeloma and expressing NGcGM3.

Crystallographic studies of 3D structure, unique for a generated AcM in the country and the ones relatedted to molecular docking through the use of softwares, explain AcM degree of specificity and mark the level reached in this researches.

Concept test to support the recognition of breast tumors in RAID clinical assay with AcM marked with Tc99, developed in INOR, gave truly encouraging results.

Several works are published in principal current journals and participation in scientific meetings of great level, appart from patents in the United States and some other countries. p>