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Biomedical Sciences
2003 | Demostration of the immunopotentiating effect of surface and nucleocapsid antigens of Hepatitis B Virus
Main author: Julio César Aguilar Rubido.
Coauthors: Yadira Lobaina Mato, Verena Muzio González, Mabel Alonso Guzmán, Gerardo Guillén Nieto, Dagmara Pichardo Díaz, Enrique Iglesias Pérez, Eduardo Pentón Arias, Jorge Sánchez Romeu, José García Suárez, Dioslayda Urquiza Noa, Diane Rodríguez, Torres, Nelson Acosta  Rivero, Daymir García González, Santiago Dueñas Carrera, Juan Morales Grillo, Alexis Mussacchio Lasa, Regis Alemán Zaldívar, Maria del C. Abrahantes Pérez, Eugenio Hardy Rando, Lizet Aldana Velazco

This work presents an study of immunopotentiating properties of two Hepatitis C virus antigenic components: S antigen of viral covering and nucleocapsid antigen.

What makes this work interesting and remarkable is that the find of adjuvant effect of this antigen goes beyond Hepatitis B field and alowes its use as immunopotentiating elements in other vaccines.

Another novel element is the find of formations in preparations of a new type of antigenic structure due to the interaction and aggregation of both antigens. To date, a clinical assay is developed and aproved by the cuban regulating agency.

The found immunopotentiating properties allows using these formulations in nasal via vaccination. The authors proved an increase in antibodies response, long duration immunogenicity through nasal via, slant of Th1 pattern response, infoproliferative response and gamma IFM.

They also proved immunopotentiating effect on Hepatitis C and tick vaccine.

Results are protected by two patents ( 1998 y 2002). Also 2 articles have been published in the highly international diseminated Biochem. Biophys. Res. Com. Journal.

Knowledge derived from this work should have an impact on the development of new vaccine formulations, both for preventive and therapeutic use for the viral-origenated hepatitis, as well as in the use of these recombinats antigens ( HBsAg, HbcAg and HccAg) as adjuvants and immunopotentiators in the development of vaccines against other deseases and in the design of combined multiple vaccines.