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Médico. Su obra científica en el campo de la Urología lo consagra como uno de los más importantes especialistas de esa disciplina a escala mundial. Innovó y perfeccionó la técnica instrumental, contribuyendo a preservar la salud de pacientes con afecciones renales.
Biomedical Sciences
2003 | Role of citotoxicenterotoxin in Aeromonas hydrophyla pathogeneis
Other entities: Biology Institute of University of Campinas
Main author: Rosabel Faldón.

The pupose of this work was to deepen in the characterization of morphological alterations in intracellulars caused by A. hydrophila cytotoxic enterotoxin (Ent-ctx) on intestinal epithelial cells, as well as to verify the ways activated by this toxin for the induction of citotoxic effect.

Results: Results have been interpreted by its author and they allow stating that Ent-ctx induces apoptosis in human intestinal epithelial cells (HT29 y Caco-2), significantly contributing to comprehension of possible intracellular mehcanisms activated through this toxin to cause cellular death.

The resulted lesions were the following:

1) Intense cytoplasmic vacuolation; 2) Cellular union; 3) Chromatinic and nuclear condensation; 4) Formation of fragments having cytoplasmic and nuclear contents.5) Intense pycnosis; 6) DNA nuclear and internucleotide fragmentation; 7) The % of intestinal apoptic cells treated with Ent-ctx was six times higher than controls %; 8) Citotoxic activity proved a cinetics of behavior of one hour with an drastic and inrreversible effect and 9) Letal dose was 5 mg/ml.

Benefits interpreted and reffered by the author:

Assimilation of cell bilogy modern technologies to characterize bacterial antigens as well as etiologic agents of intrest for epideiological surveillance. The application of this knowledge will allow interpreting new phenomena involving useful virulency factors aimed to diagnosis and/o scientific interest.

Conclusions: Its results are epidemiologicaly and scientifically useful. New and modern technologies have been used which represents an important benefit for the author and his staff.It has two publications in journal of impact.