(1912 - 1980)
Doctora en Derecho Civil. Periodista destacada, literata y poetisa de intensa vida política, profesora notable. Fue Directora del Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba.
Biomedical Sciences
2004 | Global Project of Cienfuegos ¿Why, what, what for, how? 1987-2002
Main executives entity: Dr. Gustavo Aldereguía Lima Hospital of Cienfuegos
Other entities: Dr. Raúl Dorticós Torrado Medical Science Faculty of Cienfuegos (2), Provincial Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of Cienfuegos (3), Carlos Rafael Rodríguez University of Cienfuegos (4), Health Municipal Directory of Cienfuegos (5), Health Provincial Directory of Cienfuegos (6), Municipal Assembly of Cienfuegos (7), Provincial Assembly Cienfuegos (8), Dairy Products Enterprise of Escambray, Cumanayagua (9), Advance Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana (10)
Main author: Alfredo D. Espinosa Brito
Coauthors: Pedro Ovidio Ordúñez García (1), Frank Carlos Álvarez Li (1),Raúl Víctor Marrero Pérez 2), Emiliano Diez Martínez de la Cotera (2), María Gloria Fabregat Hernández (3),Juan de Dios Chaviano Quesada (3),Teresita Martínez Pérez (4), Armando Pérez Fuentes (4), Alfredo Alberto Espinosa Roca (5),Roberto Morales Ojeda (5),Enrique López Guimerá (5),Yamila de Armas Aguila (6), Reemberto de la Hoz Villalobos(7),Flora Peña León (8),Ma. Elena Soto Entenza (8),Rubén Rojas Valladares (9),Luis Carlos Silva Aycaguer (10)

It is about a public health comprehensive work, the most remarkable ever made in the country, with an integrated approach of risks factors common to non transmisible cronic deseases. It is a result of 10 years of work which has been source of knowledge of new original results at the national level, with an impact on population´s health and scientific significance.

This work has constituted an important contribution to sanitary thought in Cuba in the last years; as more valuable impacts, WHO-PHO recognize the following: International dissemination of the project´s experience; advisory to homologous from Valdivia and Valparaíso,in Chile; Manizales de Colombia; Loja and Cuenca, in Ecuador and Apizaco in Mxico.

This project constitutes a demostrating area of CARMEN project (Group of Actions to Reduce Multifactorialy Non Transmisible Deseases). In 1992, Cienfuegos was declared as the first province engaged in the Movement of Helathy Cities of Latin America.

It has been given multiple awards, remarkbly including the Helath Annual Award 2003, due to the comprehensive analysis of the project and the 10 years of implementation and intervention with concrete and practical actions. Results have been published in national and international prestigious journals.