(1864 - 1942)
Doctor en Medicina. Introductor y maestro de la Radiología y la Fisioterapia en Cuba. Sus méritos profesionales contribuyeron a prestigiar la campaña que emprendió desde París, en defensa de la gloria de Finlay.
Biomedical Sciences
2004 | Genetic and molecular characterization of human sysncytial respiratory virus in Cuba.
Main author: Odalys Valdés Ramírez
Coauthors: Clara Savón, Angel Goyenechea, Lídice Palerm, Grehete González, Guelsys González

Twenty three isolated strains of the human sysncytial virus (VSRH) are studied in La Habana as well as 64 strains of VSRH isolated in children under 1 year in six cuban provinces, during the period between 1994-2000, in the IPK National Refference Laboratory, placing it at the level of the most developed ones in the world on the issue of virus epidemiology and molecular evolution studies.

The acute respiratory infections constitute the fourth death cause in Cuba in children under 5 years old, where VSRH is the main cause.

Genetic variabability and phylogenetic analysis of the virus G protein were studied; this is the main target of the protective immunoresponse against the virus. Antigenic group A predominated, where five genotypes were detected. The most remarkable fact was the finding of strains with phylogeneticaly former genotypes Long prototype, isolated in 1995 and never detected untill now.

It has published in Journal of Virology and Journal of General Virology.

It special merit is its transition from a scientific discovering obtained through international cooperation to the creation of a National Molecular Epidemiology Refference Laboratory, which constitutes a unique tool for MINSAP. It shows a closed cycle, from scientific descovering research to health impact.