(1864 - 1942)
Doctor en Medicina. Introductor y maestro de la Radiología y la Fisioterapia en Cuba. Sus méritos profesionales contribuyeron a prestigiar la campaña que emprendió desde París, en defensa de la gloria de Finlay.
Biomedical Sciences
2004 | VIMANG: new natural product with antioxidant , antinflammatory and analgesic properties
Main executives entity: Center of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Other entities: IFAL (2), IPK (3), “Salvador Allende“Surgical Clinic Hospital (4), QUIMEFA (5), CIDEM (6), BIOCEN (7), Medical Services Headquarter MINFAR (8), CENCEC(19), CPN.CINC (10), University of Chile (11), University of Ancona, Italy (12), University of Salermo, Italy (13)
Main author: Alberto J. Núñez Sellés (1), Eleuterio Páez Betancourt (1), Gregorio Martínez Sánchez (2), Gabino Garrio Garrido (1), René Delgado Hernández (1)
Coauthors: Daniel Amaro González (1), Olga S. León Fernández (2), Lisette Gil del Valle (3), Jorge Pérez Ávila (3), Arturo Díaz de la Rocha (4), Jhoany Acosta Esquijarrosa (1), Gema Pérez Davidson (2), Oscar García Pulpeiro (5), María R. Gárciga Pérez (6)

It is about the development of the active, standardized and valid principle of two pharmaceutical forms of VIMANG product: tablets of 300mg and ointment 1.2%. This work describes the results of the researches undertaken, the technological development and the medical applications of these two pharmaceutical forms.Active principle chemical composition was determined,which main fraction is the one of polyphenols with the glucosilxanton manguiferine as mayoritary component. Such extract posses antioxidant effect as well as protection against oxidative damage , inhibition of inflammatory processes and analgesic effect on in vivo experimental models. Toxicologic studies proved it is about a safe product for human consumption; while the clinical studies showed a significant correlation in oxidative stress markers.

The product has sanitary register for pain-included or inflamatory deseases. The worked is supported by 11 international scientific publications. It also has trade mark and industrial property in Cuba and some other countries.

It counts on supports of: Institute of Pharmacy and Food of the University of Havana, Center for Research and Development of Drugs, IPK, Salvador Allende Hospital and the Medical Services of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, as well as the University of Chile, University of Ancona and University of Salermo, these two last ones in Italy.

It is a technology inserted and developed by Cuban Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry, which is generalized by the Ministry of Public Health.