(1953 - )
Autor principal de la vacuna de antígeno sintético contra el Haemöphilus influenzae tipo b (Hib), causante de la mitad de las infecciones bacterianas que padecen los niños menores de cinco años.
Biomedical Sciences
2004 | Feasibility, through a New Interphase, of the Mass Spectrometry of Lipopolysaccharides Separated in Gels of Polyacrylamide
Main author: Elder Pupo y Eugenio Hardy
Coauthors: Lila Castellanos, Cruz Matilde López, Mabel Alonso, Héctor Santana, Maribel Guerra, Juan F. Núñez

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are a mayoritary component of Gram-negative bacteria external menbrane thus the study of these biomolecules has a significant importance from the medical perspective. This work´s results have allowed establishing a group of methods which makes possible the microisolation of LPS intact molecular species and their posterior molecular characterization through mass spectrometry. The scientific contribution of this research is the demostration, for the first time, of feasibility in developing the structural analysis through mass spectrometry of LPS species separated with a high resolution degree in electrophoresis in the polyacrylamide flat gel.These knowledge offers new strategies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Gram-negative bacterial infections and septic shock. It also has a great value for rational design, both for vaccine using LPS as antigen and for the development of new vaccinal formulation using LPS as adjuvant. que emplean los LPS como adyuvante. This work has constitute the core of 5 scientific in journals of impact, which lead international Analitic Biochemestry.