(1923 - 2001)
Médico oftalmólogo. Notable científico, conocido internacionalmente por haber concebido un nuevo tratamiento para la retinosis pigmentaria.
Biomedical Sciences
2004 | Large scale analysis of protein expression : a new tool at disposal of biological research in Cuba
Main author: Lila Castellanos Serra
Coauthors: Vladimir Besada , Luis Javier González, Lázaro Betancourt, Maylín Díaz, Gabriel Padrón Palomares, Alejandro Moro, Silvio Perea, Dalila Paz Lago de León, Alicia Santos, Félix Alvarez

It methodologicaly describes original results which allows establishing applatfor for the analysis of thousands of proteins in a biological sample, establishing a profile and even studying the individual elements to differentiate the profile by comparing a normal tissue bilogical sample to another with altered tissue. It makes the three following contributions: 1) Subjected to high resolution and sensitivity methods for the separation of thousands of proteins simultaneously and the identification out of phentomolar quantities in complex samples. 2) The design of new mwthods generated in our country for such aims which solve the even existing problems in the international methodoly currently used and 3) The extension of these tools to four cuban researching institutions by forming specialists resulting this in the succesful execution of join projects. Two examples ilustrating the methodology capability when applying it in two human tumoral lines and its strategic importance were included, since it establishes a quite efficient methodology for obatinign and processing a huge data volume, which will have its repercusion on the efficience in finding new pharmaceutical products.

Publications of Elecrophoresis and Rapid Commun in Mass Spectrum ; it also has a patent.