(1838 - 1904)
Zoólogo, botánico y médico. Desarrolló una amplia labor en la Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de La Habana. Autor de un depurado estilo literario, dio a conocer numerosas contribuciones científicas.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
2004 | The mycorrhizic symbiosis as constituent element of agricultural production. Advance in its handling and introduction
Other entities: National Institute of Tropical Viands Research(INIVIT) (2), Universitary Center of Guantánamo (3), Jibacoa Coffee Station (4), Universidad de Ciego de Ávila (5)
Main author: Del (1) Ramón A. Rivera Espinosa y Félix Fernández Martín.
Coauthors: From (1) Nicolás Medina Basso, Kalyanne Fernández Suárez, Alberto Hernández Jiménez, Jorge Corbera Gorotiza; from (2) Luis Ruiz Martínez; from (3) Manuel C. Riera Nelson (3); from (4) Ciro Sánchez Esmoris; from (5) Lázaro Pulido Delgado;  Luis Pijeira

This result includes the collective work of a national program (1990-2003), designed to complete cycle, directed to make technically possible the increase of agricultural yields with a decrease of external inputs and careful environmental technologies using mycorrhizae.

There are established the scientific bases of the stump-cultivation-soil interaction, standing out among the scientific contributions: the determination of stumps of low cultivation specificity and the influence of nutrients supply (mineral and organic) and of biofertilizers on their effectiveness, the handling of mycorrhization in cultivation sequences and the assessment of their effects on the physical properties of soils.

These results have been broadly disclosed in scientific events, in 27 publications in scientific magazines (1 prestigious and 10 foreign and prestigious in the subject) and in 1 book. They were used to defend 5 doctorate and 12 master's degree theses.

Its main practical contribution is the demonstration of mycorrhization’s advantages in agriculture: new products were developed, being validated their effect to productive scale in the country in more than 13 cultivations and in different types of soils. It was obtained the mycorrhizic EcoMic product, designed for direct sowing cultivations, applied in seed covering. EcoMic is applied in Cuba and it is produced abroad for commercial purposes (in Colombia, Bolivia and Mexico). There are enclosed some references that assess satisfactorily its use, emitted by Cuban (5) and foreign (13) entities and producers. It was obtained an invention author's certificate (OCPI, 2000).