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Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
2004 | Scientific-technical knowledge contribution to the etiology of Avian Mycoplasmosis or Chronic Breathing Syndrome (CBS) in Cuba
Main executives entity:
Other entities:  University of Georgia-Atlanta-USA (USA), Instituto de Investigaciones Avícolas (IIA) (3)
Main author: Del (1) Evelyn Lobo y Siomara Martínez.
Coauthors: From (1) José Antonio Agüero, Ileana Chávez, Marcelina Santos, Josefa Palomino Ileana Rosado, Enrique Pérez and from (3) Alejandro Merino

The CBS is the second cause of death in our poultry farming, causing considerable losses. The diagnosis of this disease based on birds' clinical exam is insufficient. The knowledge of involved mycoplasma species is indispensable to assess strategies regarding vaccinal candidates and effective vaccination schemes.

This work reports for the first time in Cuba the presence of three species of avian mycoplasmas (M. gallisepticum, M. synoviae and M. pullorum), which were characterized by serological, biochemical and molecular test

There are outstanding contributions with scientific novelty at world level in M. pullorum: the species was reported as pathogen and participant of the CBS of birds, the identification of polipeptides associated to pathogenicity in patterns of proteins; the presence of at least three genotypes of this species, and its location in the group whose stump type is M. hominis, based on the phylogenetic analysis by sequence of the RNAr 16S. These results are reported for this species for the first time.

The patogenicity assessment of the mycoplasmas reported, which was carried out in SDF embryos and chickens, demonstrated that they cause similar lesions to those described in the CBS and that these are more marked when combined with the virus of avian infectious Bronchitis. The differences in the lesions' severity degree produced on the three reported M. pullorum stumps, confirmed the described molecular results.

The impact of these results was endorsed by 9 Cuban institutions and 2 foreign prestigious personalities from the University of Georgia, in USA, universal leader of these researches, and the World Mycoplasmology Organization.

These results are an important contribution to CBS knowledge and they have been published in 28 articles in scientific magazines (2 of great impact and 2 international prestigious magazines in the subject). The results are part of two master’s degree theses, two doctorates successfully defended and a doctorate currently carried out.