(1895 - 1968)
Arqueólogo y antropólogo. Fue un acucioso investigador en disciplinas científicas tales como la Botánica, la Geología y la Mineralogía, aunque se destacó especialmente en la Arqueología Indo-antillana y en la Antropología Física.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
2004 | New procedure for the production of proteins of biopharmaceutical interest in non-transgenic animals’ milk
Main author: Jorge Roberto Toledo Alonso y Oliberto Sánchez Ramos.
Coauthors: Raquel Montesino Seguí, Yaiza Fernández García, José A. Cremata Álvarez, María Pilar Rodríguez Moltó

It was developed a method that allows the production of high levels of recombinant proteins in the milk of non-transgenic mammals. The procedure is based on the direct transfer of a certain expression cassette to mammary epitelial cells through adenoviral vectors, so that they can synthesize and secrete the protein of interest in milk.

It was tested the system's efficiency in mice and goats with expression cassettes carrying the genes of human growth hormone (hGH) or human eritropoyetin (hEPO). Both proteins were expressed at high levels.

The obtained method is promissory for the large-scale production of protein biopharmacos that require post-transcriptional complex processing and therefore, of the biosynthetic machinery of superior organisms' cells. This allows giving quick answer according to the market changes and its application does not involve big technical requirements.

The results were published in a prestigious magazine and a patent is requested in Cuba with a priority date of 2002.