(1864 - 1942)
Doctor en Medicina. Introductor y maestro de la Radiología y la Fisioterapia en Cuba. Sus méritos profesionales contribuyeron a prestigiar la campaña que emprendió desde París, en defensa de la gloria de Finlay.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
2004 | Contribution to establishing a competitive system in order to obtain deep-rooted horticultural plants in containers for tropical conditions
Other entities: Vegetable Health Institute (INISAV) (2), La Mayora Experimental Station -CSIC Málaga, Spain (3)
Main author: Antonio S. Casanova Morales (1).
Coauthors: From (1) Olimpia Gómez, Farra María González, Tomás Depestre, José L. Ferro; from (2) Jesús Cuartero

The work presented includes the researches carried out in order to look for a new alternative to the traditional method of horticultural plants’ naked root transplant and to avoid population losses, using national origin materials to support different enriched substrata. For this purpose, it was necessary to carry out researches under our humid climate conditions to adapt the protected cultivation conventional technique. The demonstration of the importance of seed trays' alveolar volume is among the scientific contributions of these studies.

The work developed a new protected cultivation technology in tropical climate, which allows the production of plants during the whole year. This production was satisfactorily introduced and it is currently applied in: all the area of vegetables planted in protected cultivation of the country (120 ha); all the area of hybrid tomato field for fresh consumption (1 300 ha), and all the area of industry tomato for transplant and automated crop (7.2 million of plants per year). Some results, such as the use of limonite, have also been generalized in other countries (Spain and Italy). There are enclosed some introduction references from 12 Cuban and 3 foreign institutions. The economic impact by transplant loss reduction in the country is approximately of 1 980 pesos/ha in varieties, 11 800 pesos/ha in commercial hybrids in open field, and 9 000 USD/ha in hybrids under protected system.

The results have been published in: 27 articles in scientific magazines, 7 of these in international and prestigious magazines and several contributions meant to disclose these results.