(1858 - 1950)
Malacólogo y zoólogo. Eminente investigador y profesor universitario, discípulo de Felipe Poey. Su extensa obra comprende trabajos de Geología, Paleontología, Zoología, Arqueología e Historia. Su mayor aporte lo realizó en el conocimiento de la fauna fósil cubana.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2004 | “Green function Transference Matrix and related Techniques. Tools for the study of heterostructures"
Main executives entity: University of Havana, Physics Faculty
Other entities: Jaime I University, Spain
Main author: Rolando Pérez Alvarez de la UH
Coauthors: Federico García Moliner from the University Jaume I

An extensive physico-mathematical study is presented as a result of the work that was carried out for more than 10 years, where different physical phenomena are described from mathematical models. It is considered the so-called Matrix Transference Method and its association to Sturm Liouville Problems type and to Green functions, with which the authors are able to outline concrete formulas that allow studying and calculating properties of diverse problems of Physics of heterostructures and multilayers.

The methods exposed allow studying electronic states; oscillations of crystalline net; piezoelectric, magnetoelastic, superconductor and other states relative to Nanoelectronics, Acoustics and Optics.

This book constitutes a summary of analysis of Physics problems that can be modeled with systems of ordinary differential equations or eigenvalue problems, all of them with its appropriate contour conditions and conditions in the interfaces, which can be originally solved through the method developed by the authors.

The results are endorsed by a wide bibliography; the most outstanding are the articles written by the authors in international prestigious magazines such as Journal of Physics, Physical Review B, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Microelectronics Journal, Physics of State Solid, Surface Science, Journal of Physics A, European Journal Of Physics, and Physica Scripta.