(1903 - 1975)
Pedagogo e historiador. Su obra cumbre, Historia de Cuba, de gran valor didáctico, constituye un texto de obligada consulta para todos los que se acerquen al estudio del proceso de desarrollo económico, político y social de la mayor de las Antillas.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2004 | "Solving optimization problems using tools of Statistical Mechanics"
Main executives entity: University of Havana, Physics Faculty
Other entities: International Center of Theoretical Physics , Trieste, Italy, Physics Department, "La Sapienza" University of Rome , Institute for Scientific Exchange (ISI), Tutín Italy
Main author: Roberto Mulet
Coauthors: M. Marsili and Ricardo Zecchina

Disordered systems are studied (the method of replicas and the method of cavity). It is possible solving optimization problems that lacked solution until today in the sphere of Statistical Physics, in connection with NP-complete problem, to determine the number of colors with which a random lattice of c conectividad can be colored, and the Theory of Games to determine the optimization of agents with limited resources and where information changes in time. There are also suggested and tested polynomial algorithms that allow facing the solution of cases that could not be solved before.

The results were published or accepted to be published in prestigious magazines, such as Physical Review Letters and Europhysics Letters.