(1832 - 1886)
Abogado y profesor. Notable escritor sobre temas de Jurisprudencia, Literatura y Filosofía. Publicó importantes artículos sobre Derecho, Literatura y Filosofía a partir de 1850 en las más importantes publicaciones periódicas de la época.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2004 | "Diversity of amphibians and reptiles in Cuba"
Main executives entity: Institute of Ecology and Systematics
Other entities: University of Havana: Biology Faculty, National History Museum of Cuba
Main author: Lourdes Rodríguez Schettino
Coauthors: Institute of Ecology and Systematics: Vilma Rivalta González and others

The authors present the compilation and upgrade of the information published until 2003 about these biological groups, in which 26 serialized publications were obtained, 17 of them were scientific articles, as well as the monograph Amphibians and Reptiles of Cuba with 17 chapters and a list of species, with subjects of taxonomy, morphology, ecology, reproduction, behavior, myths, uses and conservation of the 200 Cuban species, illustrated with pictures of 66% of the species, their habitats and behavioral manifestations in the field.

The main contributions of this work are:

  • • Description of a new endemic species for Science.
  • • For the first time, there are described Cuban species' bioacoustic characteristics;
  • •  For the first time, it is examined the ecological and genetic evolution of several wall lizards species of Anolis genus, as model organisms to study biodiversity and invading species;
  • • It is determined the time that Cocodrilus acutus species needs to reach its sexual maturity under captivity conditions;