(1912 - 1980)
Doctora en Derecho Civil. Periodista destacada, literata y poetisa de intensa vida política, profesora notable. Fue Directora del Instituto de Literatura y Lingüística de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2004 | “Possible origin of intense magnetic fields in superdense objects. Propagation of neutrins and magnetic quantum collapse in dense matter"
Main executives entity: Cyebernetic, Mathematic and Physiscs Institute CIMAF
Other entities: Brazilian Center of Physical Research-CBPF
Main author: Aurora María Pérez Martínez
Coauthors: Hugo Pérez Rojas from ICIMAF and Herman Mosquera Questa from CBPF

This work is devoted to the study of very dense relativist fermions in the presence of very intense magnetic fields. In superdense stars, as white dwarfs and neutronic stars, the matter is submitted to extreme conditions: high temperatures, high densities and very intense magnetic fields, which can give rise to exotic behaviors, even not observed on laboratory scale. To understand the effects and the possible origin of these magnetic fields, the authors have studied several theoretical models of very dense plasms formed by relativist fermions under very intense fields. The reached results predict new stability conditions for these systems, characterized by anisotropy in the pressures that produce the collapse of stars. Also, it was studied neutrinos' propagation through these objects, which is also anisotropic, and it leads to effective values of its mass and magnetic moment, which grow with the intensity of the applied field. It was suggested a novel mechanism to explain the origin and autosupport of high magnetic fields, which is based on the hypothesis of the pairing of fermions with the same spin and the formation of Bose-Einstein's condensates.

The results obtained contribute to Quantum Astrophysics, and have been published in 6 international prestigious magazines and 3 proceedings of international events; with 30 quotations in international publications.