(1895 - 1968)
Arqueólogo y antropólogo. Fue un acucioso investigador en disciplinas científicas tales como la Botánica, la Geología y la Mineralogía, aunque se destacó especialmente en la Arqueología Indo-antillana y en la Antropología Física.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2004 | "Identification and recombinant production of a bacterial exo-levanase useful for the production of fructose syrups of high purity "
Main author: Carmen Menéndez Rodríguez y Lázaro Hernández García
Coauthors: Juan G. Arrieta Sosa, José M. País Chanfrar, Alexander Banguela Castillo, Ricardo Ramírez Ibáñez, Tirso Pons Hernández, Raúl Gómez Riera, Luis E. Trujillo Toledo, Dubiel Alfonso González and Yamilet Coll García.

This work constitutes the first world report of a fructanase expression of Acetobactereacez family, and it makes novel contributions to the knowledge of fructans’ metabolism in bacteria. The work integrates researches in the fields of Molecular and Microbial Biology, and Biochemistry. It embraces the isolation and the identification of the expression conditions of exo-levanase gene of Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus until the determination of the enzyme's kinetic parameters and the modulation of its three-dimensional structure. On the other hand, the authors carry out studies of polymorphism in loci levanasacchrase and exo-levanase that allow confirming the scarce genetic diversity that exist among G. diazotrophicus populations that inhabit in endophytic way in sugar cane and other cultivations rich in sucrose.

It was also achieved the production and secretion of yeast's active enzyme of biotechnical interest Pichia pastoris . This work constitutes the first world report of the functional expression of a bacterial fructanase in an eukaryotic host.

The direct action of exo-levanase identified in this work on natural polyfructans, of levan or inulin types, produces syrups with more than 95% of fructose. This high purity and the readiness of a recombinant system efficient for the massive production of the enzyme are important premises for a possible industrial application.

It has been published in 3 specialized and internationally prestigious magazines, and has been presented in several scientific congresses.