(1849 - 1933)
Pedagogo y filósofo. De él diría Emilio Roig de Leuchsenrig, que fue "durante largo tiempo, por excelencia, guía y maestro de cubanía".
Technical Sciences
2004 | "EXCORDE: System of ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring."
Main executives entity: Central Institute of Digital Research
Main author: Daniel Jiménez Gonzáles
Coauthors: Gisela Montes de Oca Colina, Alberto Rodríguez Gómez, Osmany Vargas Mursulí, Tahiri Moreno Cevallos, Isabel Hernández Doménech, Roberto Montero Herrera, Alexis Bas Andrés.

Scientific impact: The technological scientific problem that this work approaches is related to the design of the hardware and software of a non-invasive acquisition and a system to study the electrocardiographic signal of a patient while he has a normal life, and during a long period of time. It is a system developed for the first time in Cuba fulfilling the requirements established for this equipment in the current state of this technique worldwide, which allows carrying out Holter tests. It is important to know that the algorithms of beats' detection and classification, the analysis of arrhythmic events and the verification of pacemaker's operation were completely and independently implemented by the authors, without having the commercial equipment’s references of international market, because these were different companies' intellectual property. The scientific production of this work includes: two international events; six national events; a publication in a national magazine; seven references of national use; a reference of international use in Venezuela; outstanding prize in the XIV National Forum of Science and Technique in 2003; Gold Medal in FIHAV 2003 International Fair.

Socio-economic impact: EXCORDE system is introduced in the Cardiology Services of the Health National System in the whole country, with 70 measurement instruments and 29 analyzers, which has allowed enlarging the service to many cases that require it, improving this way many patients' quality of life. The work has international impact, because a total of 566 measurement instruments and 131 analyzers have been exported by COMBIOMED company. Therefore, it presents an outstanding socio-economic contribution.

References: There are included among the references of this work: Registration of Medical Equipment of MINSAP, emitted with the code No. 74FYW of the State Center of Medical Equipment, in 2001. Health Register in the Republic of Venezuela emitted in 2002. Medical Register in Mexico emitted with the code No. 0277E2003 SSA, in 2003. Two Certificates of Technical Tests of Security and Emission and Electromagnetic Immunity in CETECOM of Malaga, Spain. Certificate of medical validation for cardiological service of a university hospital center of Algeria, in 2002.