(1833 - 1889)
Médico y pedagogo. Miembro fundador de la Real Academia de Ciencias Médicas, Físicas y Naturales de la Habana, en 1861. Además fue miembro corresponsal de la Sociedad de Medicina Legal de Nueva York, Estados Unidos.
Technical Sciences
2004 | "HIPERMAX: Blood pressure ambulatory monitoring system."
Main executives entity: Central Institute of Digital Research
Other entities: Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital
Main author: Raúl Ruso Quintana
Coauthors: From ICID: Julio Ramos Galán, Osmar Batista Ricardo, Antonio Ball-Llovera Díaz, Antonio Torres González, Javier Fernández Díaz, Jesús Zamora Cruz, Ariel Amengual Morales, Juan C. Martínez Taboada, Miladys Pardo Fuentes, Esther González Muñoz, José A. Díaz López, Jorge L. Pérez Lazo, Johnna C. Menéndez Cabrera and from Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras: Germinal Alvarez Batard

Scientific impact: The technological scientific problem that this work approaches is related to the design of the hardware and software of an automatic measurement system of patients' blood pressure and heart frequency during 24 hours, in their daily activity. Its main contribution is the development of an own algorithm to measure blood pressure only based on pressure information, with no sound information or electrocardiographic signal, completely and independently implemented by the authors, without having the commercial equipment's references of international market, because these were different companies' intellectual property. The scientific production of this work includes: two international events; two national events; two publications in memoirs of events; four references of national use; a reference of international evaluation in Venezuela; Prize Orlando Ramos TECBIOMED in1999; Gold Medal and Quality Diploma of the XI International Fair "Salud para todos" in 2003; Outstanding Prize in the XIV National Forum of Science and Technique in 2003; Gold Medal in FIHAV 2003 International Fair; Prize of Design in the XXI International Fair of Havana, in 2003.

Socio-economic impact: HIPERMAX system is introduced in the Cardiology Wards of the cardiocenter net and other institutions of National Health System in the whole country, with 56 ambulatory monitors, which has allowed enlarging the service to many cases that require it, and this way, improving many patients' quality of life. The work has international impact, because a total of 124 stations and 539 monitors have been exported by COMBIOMED company. Therefore, it has an outstanding socio-economic contribution.

References: There are included among the references of this work: Register of MINSAP's Medical Equipment emitted with the Code No. 74FYM of the State Center of Control of Medical Equipment, in 2002; Health Register in the Republic of Venezuela emitted in 2002; Two Certificates of Technical Tests of Security and Emission and Electromagnetic Immunity in the CETECOM of Malaga, Spain.

Conclusion : This result is being proposed to a prize, for its great impact and socio-economic repercussion in the country, and a wide export that internationally enhances the prestige of science and national technological innovation.