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Biomedical Sciences
2005 | Intrathecal Sytesis patterns of immunoglobulins in pediatric infectious meningoencefalitis
Main executives entity: Central Laboratory of Cephaloraquidium Liquid (LABCEL), Miguel Enriquez Medical Science Faculty ISCM
Other entities: George August GѶttingen University, Germany
Main author: Alberto Juan Dorta Contreras.
Coauthors: Prof. Hansotto Reiber.

The addressed topic is considered interesting by current neuroimmunology, which overall objective is to describe intratechal sysntesis patterns of immunoglobulins in pediatric meningoencephalitis produced by bacteria, viruses and parasites.

This work constitutes a contribution to pediatric neuroimmunology, since it describes and characterizes for the first time Ig intrathecal syntesis in the course of bacterial, parasitic and viral menigoencephalitis in a group of children who are seen in the pediatric hospital of San Miguel del Padrón, who this work is restricted to.

It evidences a difference in intrathecal syntesis patterns during the epidemic and interepidemic periods in viral meningoencephalitis to Cox A9 and B5 viruses, which result in a very important epidemiological tool and describes in litarature for the first time Ig intrathecal syntesis pattern by classes and subclasses of A. cantonensi Ig.

Through the reviewing articles presented, it si proved that reimbergram complements diagnosis thus, a new reimbergram to evaluate IgG3 intrathecal syntesis is proposed.

The results of this research have been published in very impacting indexed journals.