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Biomedical Sciences
2005 | Trichomonas vaginalis isolation partial characterization. Virulence and pathogenicity related studies
Main executives entity: "Pedro Kourí" Institute of Tropical Medicine ( I.P.K )
Main author: DraC. Lázara Rojas Rivero
Coauthors: Idalia Sariego Ramos, MCs. Jorge Fraga Nodarse, DrC. Jorge Sarracent Pérez

The high rate of Trichomoniasis vaginalis as a cause of sexual transmited desease in teenagers was proved evident through a total sample of 575 female teenagers, taken from the cuban population.

A partial characterization of 40 isolations of this biological agent was undertaken , proving a high correlation between symtpomatology and the parasite´s capacity in producing lesions using NMRI mice as animal model.

As a novelty, a clotimetric test (BrdU 5-bromine 2'-desoxyuridin) was used to measure cellular adherence when adding the parasite to BrdU in its DNA.

This test was used for the first time in international literature, replacing radioactive model with its side effects, to measure parasite´s cytoadherence to human He La cells.

This result allowed ,for the first time in our country, to detect the existence of Metronidazole resitant Trichomonas vaginalis isolations. It also has the originality of finding a possible genetic marker (Specific band of 490 pb), being only evident in the symptomatic patients Trichomonas vaginalis isolation, which constituted the first world report on patogenicity genetic marker in that infection.

This result is supported by the international dissemination through 4 scientific articles published in high impact international journals and some other publications in Cuban, Mexican and Chilean journals, as well as its presentation in international and national scientific events and the obtention of Medical Sciences Doctorate Degree by the leading author.