(1923 - 2001)
Médico oftalmólogo. Notable científico, conocido internacionalmente por haber concebido un nuevo tratamiento para la retinosis pigmentaria.
Biomedical Sciences
2005 | New knowledge on molecular epidemiology evolution of dengue viruses in Cuba.
Main executives entity: "Pedro Kourí" Institute of Tropical Medicine ( I.P.K )
Main author: Rosmari Rodríguez-Roche
Coauthors: María G. Guzmán Tirado , Mayling Álvarez Vera, Gustavo Kouri Flores, Delfina Rosario, Lídice Bernardo, Luis Morier, Liudmila López, Alequis Pavón, Emidalys Santana

Dengue, as an emergent and reemergent desease, holds a great epidemiological importance at world level, not only due to the sad increase in the number of affected countries, but also due to the epidemies severity increase.

The present study aimed to answer different epidemiological observations arising from severe epidemies developed in Cuba through variable strains molecular characterization isolated during the most recent dengue epidemies: Santiago de Cuab, 1997, Havana City 2000 and 2001-2002.

For the first time, it could be possible to obtain nucleotidic sequence of the complete viral genome from Cuban dengue strains and develop high resolution phylogenetic analysis for dengue viruses, using the existing most complex evolution model

It is studied the dengue virus evolution during an epidemy, which can be associated to the severity increase observed while it increses.

This work´s results are useful for the design of vaccinal candidates against dengue virus, since possible virulence markers were determined and it also display molecular studies values to corroborate epidemiological surveillance derivative observations, confirming the non endemic character of dengue in Cuab.

This Research´s results are gathered by four publications in four high impact journals, as well as in nine presentations in National and International Congresses.