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Inventor italiano. Considerado como uno de los pioneros de la comunicación telefónica por vía eléctrica. Vivió en La Habana entre los años de 1834 y 1850, donde realizó sus primeros experimentos telefónicos.
Biomedical Sciences
2005 | First Cuban study on Kaposis´sSarcoma associated Human Herpes Virus 8.
Main executives entity: "Pedro Kourí" Institute of Tropical Medicine ( I.P.K )
Main author: Vivian Kourí Cardellá
Coauthors: María E. Rodríguez, Virginia Capó, Orestes Blanco, Sonia Resik, Pedro A. Martínez Serafina García, Ernesto Arteaga, Beatriz Mantecón, Ena Infante, Taimara Torres.

Since the discovery of Gamma-2 herpesvirus, denominated Human Herpes 8 (VHH8) or Kaposis´s Sarcoma Associated Human Herpes 8, it could be the causing agent of this desease. Out of the identification of this virus, a lot of questions have arrised on its epidemiology, origin, transmissive mode and its role in the desease´s pathogeny. Results on prevalence, distribution and molecular epidemiology of VHH8 are presented, as well as Kaposis´s Sarcoma in Cuba. It was determined the presence of VHH8 DNA in the 97,2% of the tissues in Kaposis´s Sarcoma patients and in the 63,6% of saliva samples, stating the possibility that the virus could be also transmitted through this via. Finally,a real time PCR was designed to determine VHH8 viral burden in different samples, showing a high sensibility and proving that the 68,1% and the 100% of sexual intercourses with Kaposis´s Sarcoma and Kaposis´s Sarcoma patients, respectively , were infected with the virus: however, the viral burden was much more lower in the first ones.

The results contributed with data for Cuba and the nternational community:

  • 1. First study in Cuba on the Kaposis´s Sarcoma Associated Human Herpes Virus 8 (VHH8).
  • 2. First world report on asymtomatic contacts infected with VHH8
  • 3. First world report on the presence o african genotypes out of this continent.
  • 4. Analysis of the probable transmission vias , which support sexual intercourse transmission and a high probability through saliva.

The application of real time PCR for VHH8, showed a great sensibility to measure the viral burden, this is why it represents a very effective state-of-the-arts technique for the early diagnosis of this virus´s infection and also for monitoring patients.