(1825 - 1919)
Meteorólogo. Precursor en Cuba de las investigaciones en ese campo, dedicó gran parte de su actividad científica a la Zoología, la Geografía y la Etnología. Como geógrafo elaboró en 1848 un Atlas con 28 mapas litografiados para las escuelas primarias que fue el primero de su tipo impreso en Cuba
Biomedical Sciences
2005 | Liposomal Lipids as immunoadjuvants of recombinante human epidermic growth factor (EGFhr) and the principal allergents (maDer s) of Dermatophagoides siboney .acarus
Main executives entity: Center for Proteins Studies, Biology Faculty, University of Havana
Other entities: Center for Molecular Immunology (2), Cerntro nacional de Biopreparados (3), University of Buenos Aires, University of Sao Paulo, University of London
Main author: María del Carmen Luzardo Lorenzo, Lesly Calderón Domínguez, María Eugenia Alonso Biosca, María Eliana Lanio Ruiz
Coauthors: Yohanka Martínez Gzegozewska, Isabel Fabiola Pazos Santos, Carlos Manuel Alvarez Valcarcel, Joel León (2), Alexis labrada Rosado (3) y Elisa Facenda Ramos (3).

Objective: 1) To evaluate encapsuling and retention of FCA conjugated or not to P64K transporting protein in liposomes of different nature and obatined thorugh different procedures, and to study the anti-FCE response induced in mice , comparing it to the one obtained with hydroxide aluminium conventional adjuvant; 2) To study liposomes immunomodulating capacity containing or not cholesterol,as well as Sticholisine II and the main D. siboney allergens.

Its scientific novelty reffers to the optimal liposomes composition for encapsuling, FCE interaction with vesicles, the induction of efficient immunoresponse against FCE even in absence of other adjuvants like p64K and the encapsuled allergens immunomodulating properties along with StII protein. It has potential and ptractical importance since it is the based of the possible development of therapeuthical products. One doctorate thesis, two master´s thesis, 7 publications, two patents requested and one conceded, 10 awards and aknowledgments in national events, including Science and Technology Forum and MINSAP award.

Objectives match with conclussions; its impact , from the time being, is scientific.