(1860 - 1912)
Médico. Su obra científica en el campo de la Urología lo consagra como uno de los más importantes especialistas de esa disciplina a escala mundial. Innovó y perfeccionó la técnica instrumental, contribuyendo a preservar la salud de pacientes con afecciones renales.
Social Sciences and Humanities
2005 | Radiograph of the Liberating Army (1895-1898 )
Main executives entity: Institute of Cuban History
Main author: Francisco Pérez Guzmán

The research approaches the social, cultural and political characteristics, as well as the predominant tendencies in the official character of the Liberating Army and, in some cases, for the noncommissioned officers, classes and soldiers. The object of research had remained unpublished and some of the social facets were only approached without the plentiful documentation that could explain and demonstrate the respective hypotheses.

As a result, it was elaborated a monograph, published by the Social Sciences Publishing House, in which, by means of a database taken from 3 361 officials, with the following information: place and date of birth, marital status, profession and occupation, date of their entry to the insurrection, among others, it was obtained a historical sample of more than 60%, from which it was possible to achieve, for first time, a more realistic vision of the patriots that integrated rebel official character. In turn, the study of 38 000 soldiers, classes and suboficials as for their labor performance, birthplace and the moment they joined the rebel army, contributed to supplement the deepest knowledge from the Liberating Army's socio cultural perspective. In this case, the historical sample also overtook the 60%.

This study is original and creative since it covers an extremely sensitive space of our independence war as a social phenomenon and it shows the author's skill and research experience.

The scientific-technical level and thoroughness are present in this work through the topic's process, the abundant and explanatory notes, excellent used bibliography and all the information used.

It is a novel contribution to know better this complex and multifaceted military body that had so much transcendency for the independence of our country. It is a deep analysis, without idealizations, with a high scientific basement for its rigor and approach, supported on a rich bibliography and extense fact-graphic material.

Due to its object of study, it has a significant scientific and social impact, because it is obtained a book of indispensable consultation on the topic as such, and on the history of our last independence war. In addition, it should be highlighted the language used -pleasant and accessible- without losing scientific rigor, abundance of the indispensable notes or quality of the edition work, which contributes to the fact that this work is very accessible.