(1916 - 1978)
Médico cirujano. Contribuyó al desarrollo de la cirugía experimental y del trasplante de órganos en Cuba. Se dedicó también a los estudios de Cibernética aplicada a la Medicina y gran parte de su esfuerzo lo consagró a la urgente tarea de reformar los hospitales universitarios y al propio Plan de estudios de la Facultad de Medicina.
Agrarian and Fishery Sciences
2005 | Genetic variability of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense populations in Cuba, causal agent of withered state by Fusarium or Panama’s disease. Determination of the sensibility of plane and banana trees’ clones
Main author: Luis Pérez Vicente y Alicia Batlle Viera

The work presents the first results obtained in Cuba about genetic, cultural and pathogenic variability of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (Foc), causal agent of withered state by Fusarium, one the most destructive diseases for plane and banana trees cultivation.

Some of its scientific contributions are: the determination of four vegetative compatibility groups (CGV) in Cuban population; the characterization of its genetic diversity through morphological characters, the polymorphism AFLP type and the production of volatile compounds; the demonstration of the lack of genetic sense of the present system of classification of existent races, establishing the importance of the classification by GCV of Foc populations, important aspect for inquiries about this pathogen populations, quarantine service and clonal trials of behaviour with a view to genetic improvement, both conventional and biotechnological. For this purpose, it was depeloped a typification methodology by GCV, which was introduced as Normative Procedure in the country’s services. Supporting references are enclosed.

It was provided an assessment of Cuban and introduced germplasm’s reaction to main Foc genotypes from Cuba, which will allow establishing use strategies of these clones in soils conductible and not conductible to diseases, and the election of the most suitable witnesses to use in clonal resistance trials. It is suggested a system of artificial evaluation, which proved to be viable for the assessment trials of banana clones’ reaction to withered state caused by Fusarium or Panama’s disease.

The results have been widely disclosed in Cuba and abroad; they have been published in: 1 article in an international prestigious magazine (INFOMUSA), 1 short communication (APSnet) and 2 scientific contributions in non serialized publication (INIBAP and INIFAP). There are enclosed references from 3 Cuban scientific institutions and from the Business Group of Several Cultivations (Grupo Empresarial de Cultivos Varios)