(1953 - )
Autor principal de la vacuna de antígeno sintético contra el Haemöphilus influenzae tipo b (Hib), causante de la mitad de las infecciones bacterianas que padecen los niños menores de cinco años.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2005 | “Use of high energy particle detectors for the generation of digital radiographic images.”
Main executives entity: Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN)
Other entities: University of Turin, University of West Piedmont, University of Mining and Metallurgy of Cracovia MiTAC, University of Amberes Belgium
Main author: Del CEADEN Maria Ester Cabal Rodríguez, Angelina Díaz García . Cesar Caballos Sánchez.
Coauthors: From CEADEN:Antonio Leyva Fabelo, Lourdes Bolañoz Pérez José Manuel Meana, de la University of Turín Luciano Ramello and from the University of Mining Industry and Metallurgy from Cracovia MiTAC Pawel Grybos

Images of interest for Medical Physics are obtained, using low energy x-radiation, applying modern detection systems of ionizing particles, nowadays used in the European Center of Nuclear Research, CERN, in the field of high energy Physics. Due to the complexity of the detectors used, the authors implemented a novel automation system that allowed the automatic acquisition of data, and this way, the conformation of images of medical interest. Also, they used a standard diffractometric installation in a novel way, which allowed increasing considerably the resolution of images and reducing the radiological dose, a very important aspect in medical applications. There are obtained high-quality images with the system developed using diverse mannequins, being demonstrated its applicability in angiography and mammography. This proposal is endorsed by the main author's doctoral thesis in Physical Sciences, several publications in important magazines, such as IEEE Tansactions in Nuclear Physics, Physics in Medicine and Biology, Medical Physics, Nuclear Instrument and Methods in Physics Research, as well as presentations in international events.