(1825 - 1919)
Meteorólogo. Precursor en Cuba de las investigaciones en ese campo, dedicó gran parte de su actividad científica a la Zoología, la Geografía y la Etnología. Como geógrafo elaboró en 1848 un Atlas con 28 mapas litografiados para las escuelas primarias que fue el primero de su tipo impreso en Cuba
Natural and Exact Sciences
2005 | "International comparability of 131I, 201Tl and 99mTc activity measurements carried out in Cuban nuclear medicine "
Main executives entity: Isotopes Center - CITMA
Other entities: Center for the State Control of Medical Equipments
Main author: Pilar Oropesa Verdecia (Centro de Isótopos)
Coauthors: Rolando A. Serra Águila, Aerulio T. Hernández Rivero, (Center of Isotopes), Consuelo Varela Corona (National Control Center for Medical Teams)

In order to guarantee patient's radiological protection and international comparability of clinical results in nuclear medicine, it is necessary to establish the international comparability of the radiopharmaco's radioactivity measurements in the activimeter; that is to say, to demonstrate the traceability of these measurements' results to the international patterns. The objective of this research is to establish the international comparability of the measurements carried out in Cuba of 131 I, 201 Ti and 99M Tc activity, main gamma emitter used in our nuclear medicine. Its main knowledge contributions are:

1) Novel method developed and validated to obtain reference sources of 131 I, 201 Ti and 99M Tc, based on the determination of activity concentration of the radionuclide's radioactive solution by means of cross-checking two techniques: gamma spectrometry and ionization chamber. Due to the international recognition reached, the sources obtained by this method, are a base to guarantee the traceability and the international comparability of these radionuclides' activity measurements carried out in Cuba.

2) It was assessed the quality and established the international comparability of Cuban measurements of 131 I, 201 Ti and 99M Tc in nuclear medicine, by means of the results of a new intercomparison program that goes beyonds what was traditionally done in this subject and uses the above-mentioned sources. The know-how developed for the program evaluates in a more integral way the radiopharmaco administration, when including the simulation of the injection of a quantity of radioactivity planned a priori to the patient.

3) It was established on the basis of the most complete statistical analysis carried out so far, of the international data available of 131 I, 201 Ti and 99M Tc measurements in activimeters; and for a significance level of 0.05, the randomness of the associations divided by the observance of the limit of + / - 10% for the expanded uncertainty (k=3) of the value of supplied activity and attributes such as the radionuclide, measurement geometry of glass flask or plastic syringe, type of commercial plastic syringe used, activity level to administer and volume of injected radioactive solution.

The results of this research have a great social impact, were rewarded by the AENTA-CITMA in 2002 and 2004, and contribute to the scientific-technical development of metrology in Cuba. These results have been presented in 13 international events and are endorsed by 8 publications.