(1877 - 1971)
Botánico. Destacado científico que dedicó su vida a estudiar e interpretar la naturaleza cubana y a buscar nuevas fuentes de riquezas naturales; su mayor aporte a la ciencia lo constituyen sus estudios acerca de las plantas medicinales.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2005 | “Origin and evolution of the Caribbean and its marine and terrestrial biota."
Main executives entity: Natural History Museum of Cuba
Other entities: Center for the State Control of Medical Equipments
Main author: Manuel Iturralde-Vinent

The work summarizes the results of five projects related to diverse aspects of the origin and evolution of the Caribbean and its marine and terrestrial biota. A result of the first project "Paleogeographic origin of Antillean biota" received the Academy prize in 1997, but this work deepened in those results and present new data and theories that specify, develop and multiply it as to its practical and theoretical contents.

It is presented a compilation of texts and original maps, publications, presentations in Power Point, and others documents for consultation and teaching on Plate Tectonics, Paleogeography, Paleoceanography, Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and on the origin of marine and terrestrial Caribbean and Antillean biota. It also contains documentary and educational materials derived from scientific results.

Among its main scientific contributions, this work describes and illustrates in detail the geologic stages that gave rise to the formation of the Caribbean, provides a great ammount of information, as well as points of view and bibliographical references on the geobiodiversity and biodiversity of the region. This work is characterized by a high level of updating and scientific rigor. It is endorsed by more than 60 national scientific publications and prestigious magazines with wide international and national distribution.

It has been endorsed by many national institutions and two foreign Universities. It was rewarded by the Forum of Science and Provincial Technique and it was proposed to be presented in the National Forum.