(1913 - 1997)
Político y economista. Su principal aporte teórico a la economía fue la diferenciación entre los conceptos de "crecimiento" y "desarrollo" que aparece por primera vez en su análisis acerca del libro de Raúl Lorenzo titulado El empleo en Cuba.
Natural and Exact Sciences
2005 | “Different algebraic structures of the genetic code and their applications."
Main executives entity: “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas (UCLV) (1)
Other entities: Institute of Tropical Viands Research (INIVIT) (2), Autonomus University of Mexico UNAM(3)
Main author: Dr Ricardo Grau Ábalo
Coauthors: Robersy Sánchez Rodríguez(2), Eberto R. Morgado Morales(1), Jorge López Torres (2) , Manuel Cabrera Jova(2), Luís A. Perfetti(1), María del Carmen Chávez Cárdenas(1), Gladis Casas Cardoso(1), Déborah Galpert Cañizares(1), María Matilde García Lorenzo(1), Isis Bonet Cruz(1), Marco José Valenzuela(3), Tzipe Govezensky(3), Sain Salazar Martínez(1).

There are presented in this work the results of several researches of basic character in the field of bioinformatics. In particular, there are presented four types of algebraic structures, and also, three applications in the study of the process of molecular evolution.

The algebraic models start from the quantitative relationships given among the triplets of DNA bases, which reveal the underlying logic in the origin of the genetic code; and it is demonstrated, as a conclusion, that they help to study the process of molecular evolution.

The theoretical foundations of these results have been accurately evaluated by prestigious publications and recent international events inside the field of bioinformatics, such as: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (with two works), the Journal of Mathematical Biology , the MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry (with two works), the WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine , and the BIOMAT V.

There are presented three applications of the algebraic models proposed, which show the potentialities and applicability of the theoretical proposals carried out.

As a conclusion, it is considered that the results described in the documentation show an outstanding originality and creativity, with an appreciable international scientific evaluation. Also, as a consequence of these results, the conclusion of several master's degree theses and the development of diverse doctoral theses are indicated.