(1895 - 1968)
Arqueólogo y antropólogo. Fue un acucioso investigador en disciplinas científicas tales como la Botánica, la Geología y la Mineralogía, aunque se destacó especialmente en la Arqueología Indo-antillana y en la Antropología Física.
Technical Sciences
2005 | "Integral management in highway bridges of Cuban Republic."
Main executives entity: Engineering and Architecture Enterprise (EMPAI) of Matanzas, MICONS (1)
Other entities: Project Enterprise Villa Clara (2), Provincial Center of Viality ,Matanzas (3)
Main author: Dr. Ing. Luis R. González Arestuche.
Coauthors: Ing. Alfredo Pascual Moreno Mendoza (2), Ing. Ela de las Mercedes Ganzó Berges (2), Ing. Modesto E. García Comas (1), Ing. Norbys de Armas Santos (1), Ing. Reinaldo Hernández Rodríguez J (3).

Scientific impact: This work consists of a monograph of 628 pages that contains a general conservation method of bridges and the SAP software, based on this method, to assist those who work in the administration of highway bridges. The work is a contribution to the systemic approach in the conservation of highway bridges that embraces all the stages of their vital cycle, from the design and construction until their rehabilitation and readaptation.

Economic impact: Even when highway bridges represent a physically small part of the net, they constitute vital links to road continuity in normal conditions and in the event of emergencies. The method which application is widespread since 2001 in the road net of Matanzas province, has been able to reduce to the minimum the maintenance costs of such works, and there have been proved their savings of 500 000 CUP to date. SAP software is a valuable tool that facilitates the integral administration of bridges, which is applied at the moment in the provinces Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Villa Clara. The Ministry of Transportation has recently approved the total generalization of the new method and SAP software at national level.

Social impact: This book constitutes a material of required consultation in undergraduate and graduate teaching university, presenting a historical-conceptual approach of high scientific-methodological value that contributes to form highly motivated specialists in the important sphere of road conservation. The work as a whole has a high practical value, and it contributes to maintain in good condition objects of high social value as road communication bridges.

References: This work has been presented in internationally prestigious scientific events and it has been published in index magazines of medium impact. Part of this work has been rewarded in the National Forum of Science and Technique. It also has the reference of the Ministry of Construction, the organism responsible for national road conservation.

Conclusion : It is a valuable scientific work, applied in the practice, with socio-economic impact and national and international recognition. That is why it is proposed for the Annual Prize of the Science Academy of Cuba.