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Inventor italiano. Considerado como uno de los pioneros de la comunicación telefónica por vía eléctrica. Vivió en La Habana entre los años de 1834 y 1850, donde realizó sus primeros experimentos telefónicos.
Technical Sciences
2005 | "Improving analysis schemes and calculation methods of elements of machine and equipment.”
Main executives entity:
Other entities: Projects Enterprise of Villa Clara (2), Provincial Center of Viality, Matanzas (3)
Main author: Dr. Rafael Antonio Goytisolo Espinosa
Coauthors: From the University of Cienfuegos "Carlos Rafael Rodríguez": Dr. Juan José Cabello Eras, Dr. Nélson Arzola de la Peña, M.Sc. Juan Gabriel Noa Aguila, Dr. Víctor Gómez Rodríguez, Dr. Carlos Cañedo Iglesias, M.Sc. Hernán Hernández Herrera, M.Sc. Frank Hernández González, Dr. Luis Castellanos González, M.Sc. Rogelio Chou Rodríguez, M.Sc. Aisman Quiñones Cherta, M.Sc. Léster Suárez Ramírez, Ing. Carlos Hidalgo Meizoso, Dra. Míriam Iglesias León, Ing. Inga María Jackson, M.Sc. Fernando Nodal Ordoñez. From the University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas: Dr. Jorge Laureano Moya Rodríguez and Dr. César Alberto Chagoyén Méndez.From the University of Veracruza, Mexico: Dr. José Alberto Velázquez Pérez

Scientific impact: This work reflects the results obtained during 25 years by the professors of Applied Mechanics of the University of Cienfuegos, particularly during the last ten years, in the calculation of machine elements. For historical reasons, sugar industry was the immediate objective of these researches, but thanks to the very general approach followed by the authors since the beginning, the results can be and have in fact been applied to the most diverse machines. 23 scientific contributions are exposed, and ten of them have received Provincial Prizes of CITMA, and are the result of eight National Projects or Territorial CITMA, two branch MES Projects, eight University Projects, eight doctoral and nine master's degree theses. There is a growing international recognition to the work of this collective of authors, and the acceptance of several reports exposed by them in the International Congress of Mechanical Engineering of the ASME in 2005, which is an event of world caliber, is an example of this. Also, it has been published a wide spectrum of articles and reports in Cuban and foreign prestigious magazines and events, including magazines of high impact.

Economic impact: It has been moderate so far, but it is increasing, as it is demonstrated by the fact that it recently won an international technical reclamation of 50 000 USD for the province.

Social impact: It has been created in the University of Cienfuegos a scientific school of advanced calculation of machine elements that enriches national and local culture in a key area for the development of the country like mechanical engineering.

References: There were formed eight doctors and nine master graduates during the development of this work. There were carried out 98 scientific publications, 34 of them in magazines refered in international databases, and four in magazines refered in the Web of Science. 87 reports were presented in scientific events, 52 of them were international. Conclusion: Proposing the work to the Prize of the Science Academy of Cuba for its scientific and social impact and its high theoretical-practical integrity.