(1900 - 1964)
Médico. Fundador del Instituto de Medicina Tropical, cúspide de su actividad científica y docente, llevada a cabo con dedicación y trabajo abnegado en la investigación de la Parasitología.
Third World Academy of Sciences’ Award to Cuban Young
2003 | Dr. Gerardo Enrique Guillén Nieto in Biological Sciences

His career began at the Center for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (CIGB) after graduated, where he works at the present. He has the category of Titular Researcher.  In 1995, he received the scientific degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences, given by the National Commission of Scientific Degrees. He is also Titular Professor. CIGB He started working in a vaccine project against the meningococcic, and since 1997, he is a leader in CIGB a vaccine project against dengue fever. He was also a leader in combined-vaccines projects. Since 1993, he has been coordinating the Panhepatitis project. He has also been coordinator of a vaccine project against Pneumococcus since 2002. From 1993 to 2001 he was the leader of the Vaccines’ Division from the CIGB and since 1998 he is Director of Biomedical Researches in this center. His specific work as a researcher has been directly linked to the project that he supervises and to other projects such as the conjugated vaccines, the nasal vaccines and the therapeutic vaccines for hepatitis B y and HPV, as well as the project of formation of cicatricial tissue.

He has participated in more than 60 scientific events on which he has presented more than 100 posters or conferences. He is also co-author of 33 scientific publications in international magazines and 15 patents, some of which have been registered in Europe and the United States.