(1903 - 1964)
Físico y químico francés, gran amigo de Cuba. Su aporte principal a la ciencia estuvo relacionado con la agricultura y la ganadería, fue mundialmente conocido por su tesis sobre el pastoreo intensivo.
Third World Academy of Sciences’ Award to Cuban Young
2003 | Dr. Reynaldo Villalonga Santana in Chemical Sciences.

He is the head of the Group of Enzymatic Technology in the Faculty of Agronomy from the University of Matanzas "Camilo Cienfuegos"

He defended his Doctorate in Chemical Sciences in 2001. He has a relevant record in the area of enzymatic technology. As a whole, his work in this area opens a door to technologies of the art’s state with practical use.

He has published more than 16 articles in very prestigious magazines. He has participated in 36 national and international events. He has been awarded three annual prizes by the Science Academy of Cuba (ACC) and other acknowledgements to his scientific work. Likewise he was awarded a prize by the Secretary of State’s Office for the Cooperation with the Development of Belgium. He is an Associate Youth to the Science Academy of Cuba (ACC) for the period from 2002 to 2006.

He has achieved the successful execution of some projects financed by TWAS. He has been tutor and guide of 3 thesis (2 master’s and 3 diplomas’ thesis) making a great contribution to his work team’s education.